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A Love Worth Waiting For-Destinee's Story a Novella (original title Destinee Romance Novella)

Do good girls finish last?

Shy, quiet and independent; Destinee is a recent college graduate. Moving away from home and all that she is familiar with; she lands a job in Langston a well to do black community. For the first time in her life she is surrounded by self-important people and wealth. Her boss Attorney Edward Johnson Jr. is handsome, rich and Langton’s most eligible bachelor. Destinee is like any other red blooded woman and becomes captivated by him, but there is one problem. He has many women at his beck and call willing to do anything and everything for him.

Does Destinee compromise who she is to get his attention?

Or will she get lost in the sea of women vying for his affection?



**Clean romance with an undercurrent of sex appeal and a couple of swear words**




 Two Become One-A Destinee Romance sequel Book 2

**Some sexual situations ;)**

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Two become one: A Destinee sequel. Now available

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This novella is a work in progress. It is the third installment of the Destinee series. Focusing on the men of Langston an affluent African American community. Their father harbors a deep dark secret that his eldest son doesn't find out about until he is a grown man. He has a younger look-alike half brother born out of adultery. Read how it all began. Tentatively due April 2016


Born Out of Lust-A Destinee Saga Book 3

  Delight your senses with a book-Lisa Marbly-Warir


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Reviews that were emailed to me


DH-I just finished your book. It was GREAT- a true page turner. I couldn’t put it down. I loved it and hope there will be another.

RT-Once I started reading Destinee, I wanted to know what would happen next, it’s like watching a movie. Nice job!!

DW- I finished your book and it was very well written. You should definitely continue to write. I am definitely interested in reading more from you.

A couple of reviews from

This story was about a woman who was trying to live out her dreams and to be a woman of integrity. I really enjoyed reading this book. It kept my attention. I felt as if I was with the main character throughout her journey. There were parts that made me laugh, be sad and kept me wondering what would happen next. I don't want to say much because I don't want to give the story away. It was wonderful and compelling love story. This story will be great with a sequel.

Loved the book ! I would love to see how Destinee and Edwards relationship evolves after marriage and also see more of Edwards POV. What made Destinee stand out to him ? Why did he take sooo long to say....(wont spoil it haha)











 Tentative release date November 2015. To read a sample chapter

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