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Hasn't this question been around since the beginning of time? My answer, no I don't believe all men cheat. I came to the conclusion awhile ago about some women who claim ALL men cheat. Those are usually women who are cheating with them, or running around with these men. In other words I started seeing a pattern when it came to women who swear up and down all men cheat.

I was watching a TV show the other day (don't remember which) and it was stated that 73% of men cheat (don't know if that was scientific fact or not) but that still leaves 27% who do not, proving my point all men do not cheat. I think a lot of cheating is opportunistic, I also believe some men are cheaters regardless-there are different  reasons for cheating. Although there are no reasons in my book, but for some people  justify it.

Also, if all men cheat who are they cheating with? If we're going to single out men, then women should  be singled out as well.

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