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The Walking Dead

Season 6 Episode 10

The next world


Who else was waiting for Richonne to happen? Honestly I didn’t expect it to happen. I figured the producers/directors would imply love or sex between the characters of Rick and Michonne and leave it at that. I had planned to approach this topic from a different angle and discuss race (because it’s on everybody’s minds. It might be 2016 but not everyone is colorblind) but I decided to keep this lighthearted and hope everyone else does too. I will mention for some posters online they viewed Rick and Michonne more like brother and sister or soldiers fighting the same fight and prefer not to see them as lovers.

Truthfully I see more of a brother/sister angle for Daryl and Carol even a mother/son dynamic. Rick and Michonne come off as friends and friends sometimes turn into lovers. They seem like they can look at each other and know what the other is thinking. I like their dynamic. When Andrea died it was at the back of my mind that Rick and Michonne would happen. Then again, I figured they would introduce a new love interest for Rick. It was still shocking that Andrea died along with her sons. I wasn’t expecting that.

We’ve all watched a movie or TV show where we wanted characters to hook up because we knew they were perfect for each other even if they didn’t readily see it. I wanted Mulder and Scully, Tony and Angela (Who’s the Boss-yeah I’m showing my age) Billy and Meredith from Mysteries of Laura etc. to hook up. We fall in love with these characters ourselves so it’s not a stretch that we want them together and happy and seeing them finally get it on doesn’t hurt either. Cue Let’s get it on by Marvin Gaye

We have Rick and Michonne with dwindling humanity; running for their lives and they are two people who have things in common. Both have lost someone near and dear to them, seeing and talking to those dearly departed. When you think about it, whose thinking about race and color in this world? Remember Rick’s comment “only dark meat and white meat” zombies don’t care; we all taste the same to them.


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