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My Florida Trip

Posted by Lmarbly on April 23, 2016 at 10:10 AM

My Florida trip

April 2016


Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I did a post. I thought I would share my Florida trip experience. I hadn’t been to Florida in almost 20 years, so it was like a brand new adventure. Only this time I went with my husband who’s never been.

Our first day 4/18/16, we did a helicopter ride-a first for both of us. Think of a scary 300 foot-drop roller coaster ride. A helicopter ride is even scarier. It was  fun, in a death grip kind of way and I was glad to be back safe and sound on the ground. Did it, enjoyed it best I could and I can safely say I will never do it again-unless I’m in a zombie apocalypse and that is the only way to get away.

Later that evening we went to Vineland Premium Outlet mall. It was nice. We mostly walked around, made a few purchases. I am a lover of cheese cake, so I made a screeching stop when we happened upon (a cake place-sorry don’t remember the name) I ordered Oreo cheesecake and my husband got a Trix cheesecake. It was good…I’ve had better.

The next day- 4/19/16 Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure- you’re never too old to enjoy some good rides and I will share my favorites. We made a full day of the theme parks-we went during an off season time, but even still it was crowded. The good thing about going during this time-the wait to get on rides wasn’t that bad. 45 minutes tops, if that.


Universal Studios

Transformers 3-D ride


The Simpsons

Despicable Me-Minion Mayhem

Terminator 3-D experience- I first got on this ride 17 years ago. I’ve always been a T2 fan, but with the newer rides this didn’t seem as thrilling as it did so many years ago. But the live action sequences were nice.

ET-again, first got on this ride 17 years ago, great for that time, boring compared to today’s faster rides.

Shrek 3-D was fun

Island of Adventure

Wizarding world of Harry Potter (I’ve never been much of a HP fan, could be a generational thing. I might take the time to watch it in its entirety one day, just based on this ride. Word of warning if you’ve never seen the movie and don’t like spiders, this ride could give you a conniption (all in good screaming fun of course)

Spider Man- I’m a huge fan of Spider Man (ironic) but enjoyed this ride immensely.

Before we left-we did the City Walk. Mostly filled with restaurants, very nice atmosphere-think Times Square condensed. We went with Bubba Gump Shrimp. We got Forrest’s Seafood feast and… ‘of course we have scampi. The food was very good. I would definitely eat there again.

Day 3 4/20/16

Day trip to Miami-Home of the Golden Girls and Miami Vice- Yeah, I’m old. It was about a 3 ½ hour car ride from Orlando. Our main reason for going was to visit Miami Beach. It was a nice visit and of all the days to rain, it rained while we were at the beach. Nothing serious, just sprinkles and it didn’t ruin our time there. After a couple of hours of walking the beach and playing in the water we were hungry.

The Carlyle

I ordered coconut shrimp and a virgin Mojito- my husband ordered the paella and a virgin pina colada. Even with half off of the food, our bill was still pretty pricey. But the food was very good and it was an enjoyable experience-sitting across from the ocean and people watching.

Day 4 4/21/16

I hate to break the happy, fun continuity with this post to say that this is the day Prince died. He deserves a post all to himself-but sadly this happened while I was on vacation-A friend of mine texted me to see if I had heard. I didn’t. I responded saying I hoped it was just a sick, tactless joke, but it was not. Another gone-to-soon phenomenal artist, he has been a part of my consciousness since I was at least 12 years old, so you’re looking at a very long time. His mark on the music world will be missed, never to be repeated again in my lifetime.

Gator World- this was our last hoorah before heading home the following day. My husband suggested GW and I thought it was just going to be some rinky dink, waste our time day. It turned out to be better than I imagined. There were hundreds of alligators of varying sizes-even some white alligators. Up close and personal. We bought the package deal, so that we could feed the alligators (turkey hot dogs-but the thieving birds got most of the food) the flamingos were beautiful; I don’t think I ever saw any before. Very pretty-bright pink, gorgeous. Then there was a peacock-and he showed off for the cameras. He was in full plume and primped in front of us making sure we saw it all. I swear that bird knew what he was doing.

While we were there, we took a photo with a baby gator and a snake. I had the snake around my neck, true story. All in all, GW is a nice little visit; I don’t think you will be disappointed if you like nature and animals.

Thanks for reading. If you’ve never been to Florida, hope you get the chance. If you’ve been, you already know it’s a great visit.

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