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To sex or not to sex that is the question for Christian romance novels

Posted by Lmarbly on January 18, 2016 at 12:10 AM

To sex or not to sex that is the question for Christian romance novels

Hello readers, I may have tackled this subject before, but since when does talking about sex ever get tiring? It is after all what makes the world go round and it’s something that’s always on everybody’s mind at some point on another. I bring this subject up specifically for Christian women. A couple of friends of mine gave me some food for thought regarding one of my books Two become one-A Destinee sequel and it’s making me overthink my decision in putting sexual situations in this book and not simply implying sexual events took place. (But then I have other readers who wanted some hot steamy sex-so I called myself reaching a compromise) As I told one of my friends before they even read the book, they (my characters) will do what married people do-they were given fair warning. So one of them told me-Well what about Christian women who may struggle in areas of sexual sins (fornication, adultery etc.) and they read this and stumble. 1st Corinthians 10:32.

That’s a fair point I guess, but I maintain that God created sex and the characters in question in my book are a married couple. Also, TV, even advertisements are saturated with sex- a person would have to close their eyes every single minute of the day to avoid sex if they are that offended by a natural part of life. To be fair I don’t think the friends I am talking about are offended per se, but they knowing me to be a Christian and they themselves are Christian they expected my 2nd book to be like the first. Destinee romance novella I asked them how can Destinee be the same person from the first book? Her life and situation has changed, so she wouldn’t be that same pie in the sky girl; she had to adapt to her new situation and that includes sex. So now I don’t know if in my friends’ cases is it simply a personal preference to not read sex in detail or is it better to hint at it? I pose the same question to you.

Would you rather read about sex in detail?

Or do you prefer implication and using your own imagination?

As Christian women should we be reading sexually laden novels?

To answer my own questions-Yes, yes and probably not if you struggle in that area

My first story Destinee romance novella was well received, not just by Christian women but also women who may not identify with Christianity who enjoyed the “sex free” story, because it still hinted at a deep intimate passion between the protagonist and the hero of the story-and you could still use your imagination of what they would do to each other given the opportunity.


The bible is pretty clear when it comes to sex within marriage being an honorable thing.

1 Corinthians 7:1-40

1 Corinthians 7:9

Genesis 2:25

There are plenty of scriptures regarding premarital and marital sex. Please note this article is directed at Christians-I realize that the world and even some Christians don’t see sex outside of marriage as a big deal-I’m not directing this at you.

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