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RHOA Season 8 Episode 10

Posted by Lmarbly on January 11, 2016 at 10:20 AM

RHOA Season 8 Episode 10

Trouble on the Family Tree




For those who watch this show and caught this episode it became painfully clear to me about Kenya’s personality. She has a larger than life persona and the root of it; I feel is the abandonment by her own mother. I thought this was a perfect time to address something that goes on all too often in our communities. Kenya’s situation is not unique. In that, two parents (in Kenya’s case teenagers) were having sex and it resulted in unexpected consequence; a baby that didn’t ask to come here and certainly didn’t ask to come here to be neglected and discarded. Her grandfather supposedly said he didn’t want any more illegitimate children coming into his home. Parents really need to talk to their children/teenagers about having sex before they are ready, don’t just tell them not to do it (we know forbidden fruit is tempting) Let them know the ramifications of too soon sex. Not just diseases, jaded feelings etc, but a living breathing human being can result. There was a time when having a child OOW was frowned upon, it wasn’t seen as something to glorify and uplift the way it is today. Children are the ones that suffer from coming here before individuals are ready for them.

Obviously I don’t know the whole story of Kenya and her situation, just what she allows us to see but it is so wrong to do a child like that. People may say that she is an adult now; she’s rich, fabulous and famous. All of that does not; I repeat does not make up for something that you desperately missed during your formative years. I hope that Ms. Moore gets the resolution she is seeking and if her mother never reaches out I hope she still gets peace regarding it.


Porsha, Porsha, Porsha


Any woman who is an older sister may understand Porsha’s angst. Her younger sister kept her pregnancy from her at first not knowing how she would handle it. That in itself can be hurtful and insulting. Porsha admits that she wanted the family life, husband, baby (perhaps career) and she bravely admitted that she would give up the fabulous life she has now at the chance of a family. Some women put career and money first and find a family even harder to obtain later. I feel Porsha is the reason she is out of her own marriage. She allowed those other RHOA women to shame her for wanting to be a “submissive wife” (remember the Las Vegas trip Season 5 episode 17?) and while that may be archaic today, it was her choice. Clearly I don’t know the ins and outs of what went on in her marriage. But now she is putting herself on front street as a desperate acting woman and men can and will take advantage of that.








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