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They don't make romance novels for Plain Janes

Posted by Lmarbly on December 4, 2015 at 10:40 PM

“They don’t make romance novels for plain Jane’s, or women that look like me.” I was at work the other day and I asked one of my coworkers “Do you like to read?” She said yes-so I gave her a business card with my book information she sees that it’s a romance novel. She goes “OH! Well, um I don’t read romance books because the rich handsome hero always picks the model or the beautiful woman, but not someone that looks like me.” I was on my break and couldn’t stop and delve deeper into the conversation, but it got me to thinking how many other women feel this way?

Anyway, I don’t think she was wrong in her assertion, but I wanted to tell her well write your own book and make the heroine look the way you want, after all we all have a story in us, whether or not we write it is well………. another story. Reading and watching movies is about escapism anyway-I can’t speak for anyone else but most people like to see in movies or read about two attractive people coming together in love, especially if a sex scene is involved. But here is the problem, women are held to a different standard when it comes to looks. How many movies or sitcoms have we watched where the man was overweight, a nerd, considerably older or just plain ole not attractive but his woman is average to pretty and even beautiful? But it is rare to never the other way around. Of course we have to consider those shows/movies are probably written from a male perspective.

Bridget Jones diary, The truth about cats and dogs and even Jane Eyre are the only movies/story I can think of off the bat where the woman was a “plain Jane” and If I remember correctly the men weren’t exactly rich, handsome types so maybe it balances out in those cases. At the end of the day beauty is in the eye of the beholder; I get it, it’s been like this since the dawn of time, I’m not trying to ruffle feathers or change something that’s been a human condition since forever, men like beautiful women (and we like to look at handsome men (and the idea of handsome varies from woman to woman) and it’s a bonus if he is rich) and even we as female writers typically write our heroines as attractive and slim etc, because that is what people want to read and envision. We want to lose ourselves in a romance movie or book-that’s the point.

I remember years ago reading the Archie comics (who remembers those?) and one of the characters said. If love is blind why do so many men fall in love with beautiful women? Don’t know if that is verbatim, I read it many moons ago as a teenager. Of course it was a rhetorical question.

The reason I write is for a variety of reasons, and one reason is I get to write the men and women in my stories exactly how I want them (granted the women are not plain Jane’s) but they tend to have qualities about them that is “different” ie virtuous, not worldly etc.

If anyone can share more “Plain Jane” novels feel free to post them. I’m sure they’re out there.

~~Edit~~ Edward Rochester in Jane Eyre was rich, but not handsome, and in Bridget Jones diary, I believe 2 of the men pursuing her were rich.

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