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Edward's dilemma

Posted by Lmarbly on November 30, 2015 at 10:25 PM

Hello readers. This is a bonus chapter for Destinee romance novella and does contain spoilers. For readers of the book you will understand Edward's dilemma. For the ones who haven't read the book please feel free to check out the sample first chapter at


Bonus chapter

Edward’s Dilemma

Before the festivities were over Edward scanned the dining room for Destinee. He wanted to thank her for coming and tell her how beautiful she looked. He had planned to ask her to dance but decided against it saving her the embarrassment of being in the spotlight knowing how shy she was and even though she denied it, he could tell he made her a little bit nervous. No one would ever believe that a woman didn’t succumb to his charms. His charm came effortlessly, something he inherited from his father. But Miss Destinee Jones with her quiet austere demeanor seemingly ignored the greatness which was him. Not that he was arrogant in any way, we discovered that about him, he just couldn’t read her and it concerned him. He knew he couldn’t handle rejection, especially from a woman he had fallen in love with. Destinee in some ways reminded him of Amara his college sweetheart who had broken his heart years earlier. He didn’t know if he could let another woman have his heart like that again, but he was willing to give it a chance with Destinee.

That night he was going to tell her how he felt consequences be damned. If the feeling was mutual, great, if not, at least he told her. Thinking Destinee had stepped out for the bathroom, he continued to mingle with his guests until he was able to get her alone and hopefully in his arms. When she didn’t reappear he decided he would have better clarity in the morning and put it off till then.

The following morning Edward slept in, tired from the previous evening plus he had out of town guests he didn’t feel like entertaining at the moment. He was surprised that Stephanie didn’t come to his bedroom. She stayed the night. He assumed she crashed in one of his guest rooms. Edward got up and put some time in his home gym, showered and had breakfast. Then he would go see Destinee he decided. He had given his staff the day off knowing everyone would be tired from the party. So it was perfect for him and Destinee to enjoy some impromptu time with one another. Only this time she would know how he felt about her.

When he didn’t see her car in the drive he assumed she was out running errands, so he went about his day. It wasn’t until later that night when he found her resignation note; he couldn’t even call it a letter. Just a short impersonal note from the woman he was going to spill his guts to. His heart sank.

“Everything ok” Thomas asked with Stephanie hot on his heels as they strolled into the study. They’d spent part of the previous evening and into the early morning hours doing things to each other they had no business doing on Edward’s leather sofa. Edward looked at his friend and former girlfriend and sensed something had happened between them. But he was too distracted to care at the moment. Thomas could tell something was troubling his friend.

“Destinee resigned.” Edward said sounding dejected. Thomas shrugged his shoulders. He remembered seeing an attractive woman off to herself but he didn’t understand why his friend seemed bothered about some wallflower when there were plenty of exciting and less complicated women in the world; Stephanie being one of them.

Stephanie was relieved at the news, but she didn’t express it to Edward. His fondness for Destinee only seemed to intensify anytime Stephanie said anything negative about her. Destinee resigning was an answered prayer and she promptly forgot Thomas who viewed her as a conquest anyway.

The trio went to dinner that night. It was Thomas’ last night in Langston before he headed back to New York. So they celebrated and it helped to get Edward’s mind off of Destinee temporarily. He was clueless as to why she would do that without warning and then convinced himself that if she were childish enough to pull such a stunt then maybe she was not the woman for him after all.

Stephanie excused herself and went to the ladies room. The men sat and talked until she came back.

“So man, tell me about this Destinee, you’ve seemed bothered all day.” Thomas said.

“I can’t even tell you myself, it’s just something about her. It should have never taken me so

long to tell her how I felt.” Edward said.

Thomas shook his head.

“You always were odd man; you let these women trip you up. Look at me, I’ve never been in

love and I prefer it that way. You fall in love and the woman has you wrapped around her

finger, nah man. I like my freedom. Thomas said.

“I tried to convince myself to be like that after Amara, but Destinee is different.” Edward said.

“Sure” Said Thomas unconvinced. He wasn’t in the mood to hear his friend moon over some female.

“You think she might be pregnant?” Thomas asked and looked at his friend.

“No, we never……….” Edward said and was interrupted.

“What, I knew it man, you lost it.” Thomas said.

“I didn’t lose anything; I just didn’t want to be the man I used to be with this woman. I could

have got it, believe me.” Edward said. Deep down Edward knew that wasn’t the truth. Destinee simply was not the type of woman who went for premarital sex and he wondered if that was the only reason he was so enthralled with her. Only time would tell; but he would have to find her first.

“So, um, what’s going on between you and Stephanie? Thomas asked.

“Nothing………anymore, we’re just friends.” Edward said.

“So, she’s fair game?” Thomas asked.

“You hit it didn’t you?” Edward asked slightly amused but unfazed.

“You know this.” Thomas said.

They shut up when Stephanie came back to the table.


Days later


Edward called Destinee’s mother and was a little surprised to learn that even she had no idea of Destinee’s whereabouts.

“Why do you think she would do that?” Her mother quizzed Edward fishing for information she knew her daughter would never tell her. She’d never met Edward in person for all the years Destinee had worked for him but she’d spoken to him a couple of times over the phone whenever Destinee came back home for a visit and he needed something. A mother’s intuition was rarely wrong and she sensed her daughter was in love with this man but she wondered what might have transpired between them for her daughter to not only disappear but not even say anything to her about it. All kinds of sordid images came to mind and she quickly dismissed them knowing her daughter. Destinee’s mother felt some guilt and thought maybe she wouldn’t be in this situation had she not sheltered her.

“I don’t know what to tell you Edward, but since I know she left you a note I feel a little

relief, she just needs to sort some things out in her mind. I’ll contact you when I learn something.” Her mother said.

“Ok Ms. Jones. He said and hung up.



Monday morning Edward came to work announcing Destinee had quit and asked Carol and May had they heard anything from her.

“No, Mr. Johnson.” Carol said. May echoed her answer.

Carol and May looked at each other; they just assumed Destinee was running late which was not like her.

“Hmmm” Carol said and went to Edward’s office.

“Mr. Johnson, what’s going on?” She asked.

“I don’t know. Destinee left this note.” He said and handed her the note.

“Do you know why she would do this?” Edward asked.

Carol was quiet for a moment. She’d kept Destinee’s secret passion for Edward under wraps for years, but now was the time to let him know.

“Um, Mr. Johnson, I don’t know if you realized it but Destinee was in love with you and you

were always parading those other women around.” She said. Edward looked at Carol a little surprised.

“Those women meant nothing to me. I love Destinee.” Edward said.

“Forgive me Mr. Johnson, as educated as you are, you are really stupid about women. For

starters you’re giving Stephanie false hope that she has a real chance with you. You need to

stop leading her on. And you have to take into consideration that Destinee was not like the

women you normally entertained. They might be able to read you and take your charm and

flirtation as harmless but Destinee was not a worldly woman with a lot of experience. Her

heart was wrapped completely around you and you failed to see it.” Carol said and shook her head.

Edward hadn’t thought about his actions and how any of the women were interpreting them.

“Thank you for your honesty and you’re correct I’ve been selfish and careless. But if you hear

from Destinee, please let me know.” He said and Carol went back to her desk.

“So what’s going on?” May asked.

“Girl those two knuckleheads, both of them are in love with each other and neither wanted to

step forward about it.” Carol said.

“I’m really surprised about Edward. I never pegged Destinee as being his type.” May said.

“Well who is his type, May?” Carol asked.

“I think Stephanie is a better fit for him. She’s from here and she’s on his class level. I’m glad

Destinee is gone. Stephanie can get her rightful position back as future Mrs. Edward Johnson. May said.

“May are you serious? If Edward wants Destinee, nothing Stephanie can do will make him

change his mind if he’s already moved on emotionally. We will probably never understand

the chemistry of love but we need to stay out of this.” Carol said.

“In Langston it’s not so much about love; it’s more of a business transaction for some

of these couples anyway. Keep the wealth in the community, so yes Stephanie is the better

fit.” May reiterated.

“You don’t like to see genuine love between people do you?” Carol asked.

“If Mr. Johnson was so in love, he would have been had Destinee and they’d be together now.” May said bringing her point home.

Carol ignored her coworker and friend. Apparently May didn’t know that fate had a way of bringing people together. And even if Carol didn’t know when or where, she still had a strong feeling that Destinee and Edward was not over.





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